What do I need to retire ?

the_best_independent_retirement_advice_in_merseysideA question asked by a lot of people . . . “What do I need to retire ?” . . . some need more than others, but ultimately we all want a high standard of living in our retirement years. What you need in our informed opinion is sound and qualified financial advice. Its important to a lot of people to have “peace of mind” and a “steady income” in retirement. The majority of us also want to leave something behind for our families to ease their financial burdens after we are gone. The uncertainty of future events can be negated with an understanding of the past and a comprehensive knowledge of the “now”. Continue reading What do I need to retire ?

Short term savings plan

financial planning with isa cash isa and investments

There are plenty of options available if you want to put away some money and start saving. When you consider retirement, your children’s university fee’s these may seem like a long way off, don’t consider it a long term savings goal consider the benefit of a short term plan. Setting a side a couple of months salary is a wise thing to do in any climate, consider it the emergency fund, fixing the boiler, fixing the car, placing those bills on the ever present credit card bill means your paying the extra interest on the bill, as well as the bill for the repair itself.
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Cash ISA, Savings and Shares ISA explained

financial planning with isa cash isa and investmentsA Cash ISA or Cash Individual Saving Account to give its full title is similar to a normal savings account in that you can take cash out whenever you wish. The difference is the interest is not taxed. The tax man in 2012 got an extra £500 million in tax because people did not make full use of their cash ISA allowance. So you need to consider how wisely you are saving and setting aside your money.

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Specialist Financial Advice in Crosby for the best return on your hard earned money

affordable life insurance expert financial advice in crosbyWe are Financial Advisers who offer experienced, informed and trustworthy financial advice on how you can see the best return from your hard earned money. We have over 20 years experience within the industry of financial advice. This longevity comes from the clients we have helped achieve financial success over the years by ensuring that they are advised appropriately and correctly. Through our confidential financial assessment we can advise you on the best Savings and Investment products that can minimize risk and produce returns better than property, bonds and cash.

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