Are you looking for sound pension advice ?

allisons financial advice alison fosterMany people are . . . so if your trying to find unbiased, qualified and knowledgeable pension advice from experts within the industry then you can do no better than Allisons Financial Planning Co Ltd. We are an independent company specializing in unbiased pensions advice, advice that could save you money, time and anguish over the correct financial pension choices for you and your family.  Continue reading Are you looking for sound pension advice ?

Mortgage and Financial Advice for clients in the Hoylake, Merseyside and Liverpool area

mortgages and financial advice in hoylake merseysideIf your looking to invest in property and you are looking for a mortgage product then contact North Devon and Barnstaple’s Premier Mortgage advisory firm. We cover Crediton and supply a range of mortgage advice on products such as First time buyer Mortgages, Remortgages, Shared Ownership Mortgages, Shared Equity Mortgages, Right to Buy Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages*, Commercial* and Semi-Commercial mortgages*.
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Financial Planning for Heswall and the whole of Merseyside and Liverpool

financial planning for heswall in merseysidePlanning ahead is always a wise thing to do, you can never know exactly whats round the next corner but you can have a plan for the stuff you do. Whether your running a business or a family home, a plan for how to take care of your finances and the important things in life is essential. We are financial advisers who advise clients in South Molton and throughout North Devon and Barnstaple on how to make financial plans and create a better return on their hard earned money. We have over twenty years experience in the financial advisory industry and in that time we have become knowledgeable qualified and have gained a reputation of trust for which we are extremely proud.
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Short term savings plan

financial planning with isa cash isa and investments

There are plenty of options available if you want to put away some money and start saving. When you consider retirement, your children’s university fee’s these may seem like a long way off, don’t consider it a long term savings goal consider the benefit of a short term plan. Setting a side a couple of months salary is a wise thing to do in any climate, consider it the emergency fund, fixing the boiler, fixing the car, placing those bills on the ever present credit card bill means your paying the extra interest on the bill, as well as the bill for the repair itself.
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Recommended Financial Advisers in the Bude, North Devon and Barnstaple area

We offer financial advice with knowledge and experience in Mortgages, Investments, Pensions, Life Insurance, Savings and Annuities within and around the Bude area. Our client list is a testament to our professionalism and understanding and the care we take with individual requirements; and because we are independent it allows us to search the market for the best product to suit your circumstances. Continue reading Recommended Financial Advisers in the Bude, North Devon and Barnstaple area

Recommended Financial Advice . . . testimonials from our clients

“Having the ability to call on unbiased and friendly advice when it came to our mortgage and life insurance needs was invaluable. Alison showed us products that met our requirements and our budget perfectly and I’m very happy with the service she provided”

Mr and Mrs Ryan
St. Helens

North Devon and Barnstaple

“Alison made us very comfortable and filled us with confidence when providing us with advice on mortgages, life insurance, pensions and our investments. Being independent Alison was able to find the best deals around to suit our needs and budget. We would recommend Allisons Financial Planning without question. “

Mr and Mrs N Moran
St. Helens
North Devon and Barnstaple

 “The service is efficient, prompt and responsive.  The tailoring to (our) individual needs is impressive.  Questions are answered fully and with huge patience when the complexities of legal and financial options are being explained to us.  We always feel that we are really being looked after.

We regard Ms Baglow as a friend who happens to be extremely experienced and knowledgeable in all matters financial – and who has an excellent appreciation of personal relationships and needs and gives her time and commitment to ensuring that we get a really good deal.  We feel confident and secure and are often convinced that we are her only clients.”

Mrs Sharpe

“I found Allison’s Financial online from abroad. I was living in New Orleans, Louisiana, and relocating to Barnstaple for work. Despite the excellent credentials presented on the site, I was a little nervous to do business of this magnitude “sight unseen”. Once call fixed all anxiety as Allie turned out to be bright, crisp and very well informed.

As a person who had been out of the country for a dozen years, I was having real trouble finding a lender. My own UK bank, where I had carefully maintained an account for some 28 years, felt that I didn’t have an adequate history on my return to the UK.

Other high street banks booked meetings with “advisors” who were entirely unable to help once I failed the residency hurdle.

Allie worked valiantly and, as a really good whole market advisor, she identified a very rare product – an expat mortgage which essentially used statement documents from overseas to establish creditworthiness.

Anyone who has tried to do this knows it is very, very hard to achieve.

Because the market in Barnstaple contains some peculiar contradictions, I ended up losing the first property I tried to buy because it did not appraise for a price  which the vendors were willing to sell while my second property choice went the other way – I was gazumped. The third property I managed to secure – and I am very, very happy that this is how things worked out.

Allie stood by me every step of the way. The service was personal and professional. She worked out of hours to accommodate my irregular work schedule and international time zones. She worked quickly to meet unreasonable deadlines and was patience itself when things didn’t go to plan. She handled the reality that I had the wrong documents in the wrong country and that the post took 4 weeks to deliver things which were needed right away. She scanned, emailed, faxed and phoned until everyone was happy and everyone got paid.

I feel badly about how small Allie’s fees were. She earned them many times over and never complained. She fixed things I hadn’t imagined could go wrong without stint until the job was done and stuck rigidly to the small fixed fee we had agreed at the outset.

This is the only financial professional I have ever really enjoyed talking to and absolutely the only one I have ever missed when our business was done.

Hopefully I will manage to put by some savings for the future. That way I’ll have a reason to work with Allie and her company again in the future.”

Professor S. Hunter
North Devon and Barnstaple

Cash ISA, Savings and Shares ISA explained

financial planning with isa cash isa and investmentsA Cash ISA or Cash Individual Saving Account to give its full title is similar to a normal savings account in that you can take cash out whenever you wish. The difference is the interest is not taxed. The tax man in 2012 got an extra £500 million in tax because people did not make full use of their cash ISA allowance. So you need to consider how wisely you are saving and setting aside your money.

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Financial Planning Services for Bromborough on the Wirral

wirral financial planning covering bromboroughWe are a Financial Planning Advisory firm who serve Higher Clovelly and the greater North Devon and Barnstaple area. We are specialist advisers concentrating on the areas of Life Assurance (Life Insurance), Pensions and Annuities, Savings and Investments and also Mortgages. By concentrating our time in these areas we are able to regularly monitor the financial planning market and deconstruct and analyse all the products that are introduced to it by financial houses. As an unbiased and independent entity we are fortunately placed to then concentrate only on the needs and long term requirements of our clients.
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