Short term savings plan

financial planning with isa cash isa and investments

There are plenty of options available if you want to put away some money and start saving. When you consider retirement, your children’s university fee’s these may seem like a long way off, don’t consider it a long term savings goal consider the benefit of a short term plan. Setting a side a couple of months salary is a wise thing to do in any climate, consider it the emergency fund, fixing the boiler, fixing the car, placing those bills on the ever present credit card bill means your paying the extra interest on the bill, as well as the bill for the repair itself.
Set aside a regular amount, once you start doing it and factoring it into your budget you will hardly notice its gone. Consider that this money your setting aside now will accumulate  because its invested in savings plans tailored to you, now its growing. That hard earned cash you went out day in and day out to earn is now, working hard back. Gathering momentum as it builds and builds so that its there when its needed. What starts out as the emergency fund can often end up paying for major moments in your life, be it an unforeseen emergency or a beautiful thing like a wedding or your child’s first deposit on a house of their own.

Consider things like Cash ISA’s these are excellent financial vehicles for short term savings. The tax man can’t get at it under the current rules and its an excellent starting point. We can advise you on Cash ISA’s and medium and long term savings products like Stocks, Shares, Mutual Funds, Onshore Bonds, Offshore Bonds, Share Incentive Plans or SIPPS and Long Term ISA’s. For a free initial consultation contact us today through our website.