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Living in Exeter in South Devon and thinking about purchasing an annuity? Then you have come to the right place. With our independent advice service you are sure to be guided in the right direction. Not sure what an annuity is? No problem, it is an income that is purchased with capital, commonly annuities are used in pensions — however not all are related to pensions.

Basically a pension annuity is SIMPLE. You get an income until you die in return for your fund. However, in DETAIL there is more to it:

1. You can take your fund to another company, you don’t necessarily have to purchase an annuity from your pension company. This is where we can assist, being unbiased we can search the market for the most appropriate product available to suit your requirements — taking the hassle out of the process.

2. We can also tailor your annuity income to suit your personal circumstances, the income can be fixed or rise each consecutive year by a certain percentage.

3. You can apply for an enhanced annuity or an Impaired-life annuity If you are in poor health.

An impaired-life annuity pays out more to people with particular health problems and is based on the individual’s circumstances.

An enhanced annuity is less tailored than an impaired-life annuity and pays a higher annuity rate to those with particular lifestyles, including smokers and the obese.

4. After your death, would you like your pension to continue to your partner.

5. Guarantee. Opting for a guarantee or a lump sum death benefit if you are worried about sudden early death (This handing your pension to your beneficiaries)

If you are in the Parracombe area and require further advice on annuities or other financial services that we offer then please complete the form opposite.