Recommended Financial Advisers in the Rainford, Merseyside and Liverpool area

Rainford financial advice on mortgages and pensions

If you are looking for a financial adviser and in particular an adviser who can help you with a pension scheme in and around the area of Instow  – then we would be more than happy to help you. With our head office situated in the village of Instow we are in the ideal location for you.

There are various options available to you when looking into a pension ahead of your retirement. Pensions are an ideal tax efficient way to save for retirement as the government tops up your contribution by adding the tax. An example might be that you pay in £80 and £20 will be added by the government making a total regular payment into your fund of £100. Better still when retirement approaches you can usually draw a lump sum, tax free, up-to 25% of your pension pot.

Options available:
• Self Invested Personal Pensions commonly known as SIPPs.
• SSASs an employer operated pension scheme
• Also run by your employer are Group Pensions
• Individual Savings Account, ISAs.
• Stakeholder Pensions
• Final Salary Schemes
• Occupational Pension Schemes
• State Pensions
• Personal Pension Plans

There are many options available – so for more in depth information please contact us via the opposite form and a adviser will be in contact shortly.

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