Question: Where should I invest my money ?

independent impartial investments advice on sipps isas bonds and sharesIts a question we get asked all the time ! among the other questions such as:

Questions: Do I invest in Sipp’s (Self Invested Personal Pension) or Isa’s (Individual Savings Account) ? What are the differences between Sipp’s or Isa’s ?

Answers: There are significant Tax savings and differences in financial returns for both Sipp’s and Ias’s. For most people it would make financial sense to invest in both pensions and ISAs when they consider savings in the future. The degree to which you invest in either will depend on your own individual requirements and your need for flexibility.  You would also need to consider your potential Tax status development and its changes as you progress through your life.

Questions: Do I invest in Bonds or Shares ? What are the differences between Bonds and Shares?

Answers: One of the core differences between shares (equity) and bonds is by investing in shares you are essentially buying partial ownership in a company whereas an investment in bonds, essentially means your making a loan to it.

In terms of a return to you the investor and the risks involved in any of the above options, this is were experienced knowledgeable and impartial advice can be invaluable. Getting to know you, our client, getting to know your financial requirements, now and in the future and by tailoring the most risk free return we can for you, we hope to make our advice and expertise the deciding factor in your choice of an independent financial advisor. So contact us today for your free initial consultation and see why our services and impartial advice is in so much demand.