Putting your money where your morals are !

More people are now looking for ways to invest their money in line with their principles, but what does this really mean?

There is no such thing as a “perfect company” to invest your money with and there is no right way in ethical investing. However, as an ethical investor, being comfortable with the funds in which you invest in is important . This means that you should always be aware of the aims of the fund and how it operates .

Although there are a number of similarities between the criteria employed by the ethical funds, approaches will vary considerably. You may wish to invest in a fund that avoids certain companies, for example arms manufacture, tobacco or nuclear power. You may also wish to support companies that are providing basic necessities of life, like water and elecrticity, or companies that help to conserve natural resources.

Not all funds meet your personal criteria, but the main issue should be that you are happy with the approach offered by a specific ethical fund.

We can offer individually tailored advice that’s right for you by analysing the whole of market on your behalf.

If you are wanting to enter the market of ethical investments, why not contact us today for a confidential financial review and maybe together we can make a difference.

Investment values may fall as well as rise and you may not recover the full amount invested.