Pensions Advice: “How much money do I need to retire ?”

best pensions planning and pension advice for merseysideYou’ve come to that important juncture in your life where you ask yourself “how much do I need to retire ?”. You need to consider your requirements in the future. Will the mortgage be paid ? Have you set any money aside for the future ? How have you set this money aside ? Is it a Pension Product ? Property ?

In answering the primary question “how much money do I need to retire ?” you will find we can provide some good and some bad news.

First the bad news . . . there is no absolute guarantee that the money / single number income figure that you budget towards will sustain you in the lifestyle you will desire in the future. This is dependent on too many variables to make any guarantees life’s simply to unpredictable, take for example unforeseen expenses like medical costs.

The good news is . . . there is a way to successfully plan for the best estimate of your financial requirements. Any Pensions Adviser making 100% guarantees on your requirements in the future is lying to you. All any professional, knowledgeable and qualified Pensions Adviser can do is comprehensively plan to give you the best estimate of what you will require in the future. And a comprehensive, knowledgeable and qualified pension plan is what we offer. A best guess . . . but a guess that takes into account as many variables as it can to ensure you have the most comprehensive planning available.

We work with you to help you retire at your target age.
We work with you to help you reach your desired retirement income.

As a basic guide we work to the reasonable assumption that you would require about 80% of your current annual salary (only once we’ve gone more in depth with your finances can we create an accurate percentile). We generate pensions plans factoring in market values of savings and investments now and in the future. We factor realistic rates of returns from investments and savings and in these returns from state and other pension products you currently have we can give you options, we can give you peace of mind and a sound plan to obtain a comfortable standard of living in the the future. By factoring in knowledgeable and qualified estimates on Inflation we can compare today’s £’s with tomorrows £’s. So for a free initial consultation from a qualified and experienced Pensions Planning Company please contact us today through our contact form.